"We Are Young Ideas CBD"

A young family on a big mission, welcome to the family! The Bartoli’s are a natural-minded family of four with big ideas. Brett Bartoli, sales and marketing strategist and co-founder, has almost 20 years of sales and marketing management under his belt. His dedication and impeccable customer service stems from his passion to offer his customers the highest quality products available. He has a diverse background in sales which all began with his passion for the motorcycle industry. Brett’s wife, Tara, CFO and customer relations, comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. She has a diverse background in the medical field as a former veterinary technician and currently licensed as a massage therapist. 

After the Bartoli’s started their family back in 2011, they realized there are so many chemicals in their everyday products that their newborn could potentially be exposed to. They spent a great deal of time planning the birth of their first son and decided that a home birth felt safer than a hospital birth considering Tara had no complications with the pregnancy. After their first son was born, the cleaning started by throwing out all conventional household chemicals from the medicine cabinet to the products under the sink. They researched essential oils and found it easy to replace nasty chemicals with the gifts of nature. 

Hemp is far from a trend in this family. CBDs became a blessing to Tara who was suffering from unexplained joint pain among some other ailments that were making some days difficult. With much success, Tara suggested her husband Brett try taking CBDs regularly to see if it may help him alleviate pain associated with previous motorcycle injuries and a recent double disc replacement in the cervical area of the spine. After trying various brands and dosages, the Bartoli’s came up with a big idea to spread awareness and education about the potential benefits of CBD with their friends and family. With Brett and Tara’s combined experience it was only a matter of time before Young Ideas Distribution would fall into place. It all began like the seed of a plant and bloomed into an opportunity to offer quality products, compassion, education and real customer care. At Young Ideas, we strive to make our customers feel like family and only offer quality brands that our family believes in. The dream of offering natural hemp supplements to people as well as pets became a reality when Young Ideas was born. 

There are a lot of synthetic products out there that have been created for different health issues, however several pieces of research have revealed that some of these chemically prepared products leave toxins in the body. Over time, the body begins to react to these toxins in the most unhealthy ways.

 The discovery of the abilities of natural products like CBD heralded an era of natural ways to deal with different health-related issues. Interestingly, the popularity of CBD is growing exponentially, but it is imperative to know that some CBD products are not entirely 100% natural, even if some brands may want to claim that their products are 100% natural. At Young Ideas, we are particular about what we offer our valued customers and we ensure that they get the best 100% natural CBD products from reputable brands at all times. 

We believe in delivering the best services and we do not ever want to compromise our principles and values because it will affect our reputation. We are known for operating an online one-stop CBD store that has the best interests of its customers at heart and we want to maintain that. We are concerned about the products in our inventory and we can allay your fears by telling you that we carry out proper research about the products before stocking them. All lab tests are available at all times from independent 3rd parties. 

Furthermore, the products we stock are ethical, cruelty-free and vegan. We have made it really easy for you to shop without hassles for the whole family. To reiterate, our stock is made up of brands and products that provide 100% natural and organic products. Do not hesitate to avail yourself of the opportunity to try out the products we offer and we are positive that you will be pleased with the results. From our family to yours, making time for your wellness will prevent you from making time for your illness. Cheers!  


 All of the hemp in our products follow organic practices and are ethically sourced and cruelty free and we have also categorized every product on our shelves so you can shop with ease and confidence.